Portugal is sending, this Friday, to Sao Tome and Principe a first batch of 12,000 vaccines against COVID-19, to support the Sao Tomean authorities in their national vaccination plan against this disease. The vaccines will be accompanied by the necessary material for their administration, including syringes and needles.

This batch of vaccines will arrive in São Tomé in the early hours of next Saturday, July 10th, where they will be delivered to the competent São Tomean health authorities.

This donation is part of the fulfillment of the political commitment made by the Portuguese government to provide at least 5% of its batches of vaccines to PALOP countries and East Timor, and is part of the second phase of the Action Plan in the health response to the pandemic COVID-19 between Portugal and PALOP countries and East Timor.

After sending a first batch last May to Cape Verde and second one to Mozambique in July, this is the third batch sent by Portugal. During the rest of July, new batches of vaccines will be sent to Angola, Guinea Bissau and East Timor.

This action is the result of a joint effort by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through Camões - Institute for Cooperation and Language and the Portuguese Embassy in São Tomé, and the Ministry of Health, through the Directorate General of Health, the National Authority of Medicine and Health Products (INFARMED) and the Task Force of the National Vaccination Plan against COVID-19 in Portugal. 

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