Today 140 Portuguese arrive in Lisbon from Poland, including Erasmus students, in a LOT flight that departed from Warsaw at 08h50, local time.

The Office of the Secretary of State for Portuguese Communities, with the support of the Minister for Science, Technology and Higher Education and the Erasmus National Agency, contacted via email all national students that are in Poland under the terms of this program (376 students), and has been doing so in relation to the remaining 3250 Erasmus students in 32 countries.

In relation to Poland, around 80% of the contacted students answered, and the majority indicated that they do not need support. Of these, 20% are already in Portugal or have defined return alternatives and 47% stated that they intend to remain in Poland.

Of the 34 students who requested support to find return alternatives, more than half departed today in the special flight from the LOT Polish Airlines, which left Warsaw and headed to Lisbon. The remaining situations are being monitored with a view to find options for the students that expressed the desire to return to Portugal.

To support the resolution of these situations - as well as of other national citizens that are encountering hardships in obtaining return flights to Portugal – as of today, the working hours of the Covid-19 hotline of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( and +351 217 929 755) will be extended from 9am to 10pm (business days).

Outside these hours the Covid-19 hotline of the MNE is complemented by the service through the Consular Emergency Office (24h service through the telephone numbers +351 217 929 714; + 351 961 706 472 or the email address:

Lisbon, 17 March 2020

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