The Portuguese Government warmly welcomes the signing of the agreement on the definitive cessation of military hostilities between the Mozambican Government and the Mozambican National Resistance (Renamo), which took place today in Gorongosa, in the province of Sofala.

The signing of this agreement is a moment of great importance to the peace process in Mozambique. This agreement results from the perseverance and commitment of both sides, particularly the President of the Republic of Mozambique and the President of Renamo, whom Portugal warmly congratulates.

In addition, and following the signing of the agreement on the cessation of military hostilities, a peace agreement is to be signed in the coming days and will be a decisive milestone for the peace and stability of Mozambique. It will enhance the economic and social development of that country, as well as the well-being and the safety of its population.  

Lisbon, 1 August 2019

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