The Portuguese Government vehemently condemns the arbitrary detainment of the Vice-President of the National Assembly of Venezuela, Edgar Zambrano, which took place last night in Caracas.

Portugal calls for the immediate release of Edgar Zambrano, highlighting the responsibility of the Venezuelan authorities involved in his arrest for his safety and physical integrity.

This detainment is part of the strategy of intimidation developed against the National Assembly of Venezuela, aimed at preventing the use of its constitutional powers and at persecuting its members, which Portugal strongly repudiates.

The Portuguese Government demands that the rights and immunities of all parliamentarians be respected and calls for the release of all political prisoner, as well as for the respect for the fundamental freedoms of all Venezuelan citizens, as guaranteed by its Constitution.

Portugal urges the Venezuelan authorities to abstain from further provocative acts that may arm the efforts currently underway – namely by the International Contact Group – towards a political, inclusive and peaceful solution to the current crisis through the conduction of free and democratic presidential elections.

Lisbon, 09 May 2019

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