Following the announcement of the National Elections Commission of Mozambique, regarding the results of the elections of 15 October, the Portuguese Government congratulates all Mozambican candidates and political parties for their civic participation in an electoral act of great importance for the country’s future.

The Portuguese Government congratulates President Filipe Nyusi for his re-election to the Presidency of the Republic and the Frelimo (Frente de Libertação Nacional - Mozambique Liberation Front) for the victory in the legislative and provincial elections. The Portuguese Government further congratulates the new Provincial Governors, a position for which elections were held for the first time.

The preservation of peace is essential for the prosperity of the Mozambican people and for the sustainable development of the country.  Portugal thus expects all relevant stakeholders to make efforts to ensure a genuine national reconciliation within the framework of the Peace and Reconciliation Agreement signed on 6 August.

Lisbon, 28 October 2019

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