The Portuguese Government welcomes the understanding reached by the political actors in Guinea-Bissau, which has resulted in the appointment, on 16 April, of Aristides Gomes as Prime-Minister and in the scheduling of legislative elections for 18 November 2018. These decisions are an essential contribution to overcome the political impasse in Guinea-Bissau.

Portugal sees in this understanding a renewed commitment of the Bissau-Guinean political actors in the practical implementation of the spirit of the Conakry Agreement, answering the calls of both the Guinea-Bissau society and the International Community, including ECOWAS’ mediation efforts.

The Portuguese Government shares the commitment of the International Community in cooperating with the authorities of Guinea-Bissau to ensure that the legislative elections of 18 November 2018 are another firm step towards the return to political and institutional stability.

Portugal will remain an active partner in the cooperation with Guinea-Bissau, both bilaterally and multilaterally.

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