• i) Early voting from 12th to 14th January

The early voting from abroad for the Portuguese Presidential Election applies, according to Article No. 70-B of the Electoral Law of the President of the Republic, to the citizens registered in national territory but temporarily residing abroad, and may be exercised between the 12th and the 14th January 2021, as long as those citizens are in one of the following situations:

a)  Residing abroad due to the exercise of public functions;

b)  Residing abroad due to the exercise of private functions;

c)  Residing abroad officially representing a national team, organised by a sports federation endowed with a sport`s public utility status;

d)  As students, researchers, teachers, and research fellows residing abroad in higher education institutions, research units, or equivalent recognised by the competent ministry;

e)  Patients receiving treatment abroad;

f)  Living or accompanying the voters mentioned in the previous points.

The voting takes place at the Consular Posts defined by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which are indicated on the National Election Commission's website (CNE), through the following link:


The CNE makes available an information sheet regarding the early voting from abroad:


A resolution concerning this matter was also issued on the 24th November 2020:


Towards the early voting from abroad, the citizens must go to the embassies or consulates previously defined by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, identify themselves by presenting their civil identification cards, and indicate the respective registration areas at the electoral census. No previous registration is necessary. After voting, you will receive a proof that you have exercised your voting right.

  • ii) Voting between the 23rd and the 24th January

According to the Electoral Law of the President of the Republic and the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic it shall be reminded that the voting right is exercised in person and directly by the voters.

Abroad, the election takes place on the 23rd and the 24th January, allowing the Portuguese citizens who reside outside Portugal, and are registered in the Census Commission (CR) of their residence area (corresponding to the address indicated in the Citizen Card), to vote.

This election abroad will have 171 polling stations spread throughout 150 consular services, a number which represents an increase of 30% when compared to the number of polling stations established in 2016 (121). The list is available in the following link:


The Caderno de Esclarecimentos – Dias da votação dos eleitores recenseados no estrangeiro, aimed at the members of the polling stations, the census commissions, and the applications' delegates, is made available by the CNE:


Lisbon, 12th January 2021

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