The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), who is the entity responsible for the Website, acts in compliance with the rights related to the use of computing, regarding privacy and protection of the data entered by its users.

We assume the responsibility to respect the rights of the citizens, as laid down in the article 35 of the Constitution of the Republic of Portugal and the Law nr. º 67/1998, of 28 October, regarding Personal Data Protection.

All the employees of the MFA are bound by an obligation of confidentiality regarding the data to which they have access within the framework of respective database operations.


Data protection

Following the approval of Law nº 58/2019 (in Portuguese) ensuring the transposition into the Portuguese legal system of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the Parliament and of the Council, of 27 April 2016, regarding the protection of individuals as concerns the treatment of personal data and the free movement of such data, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has instituted a Data Protection Officer (Encarregado de Proteção de Dados in portuguese) to deal with all issues pertaining to this matter. The Data Protection Officer may be reached by email at



Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer by the Websites that you visit. They are used to make the Websites operate, or operate in a more efficient way, as well as to provide data to the owners of the Websites. The following table clarifies why are cookies used and their purpose:

Designation   Cookie   Objective
Content Management (CMS) session cookie 
language cookie
The content management system will store various  cookies on your computer in order to make the Website more efficient.
Some cookies are related to the chosen language and its session (this cookie is active only in the current session and is erased when the browser is closed).
YouTube  Various Some contents have embedded YouTube videos. These videos can store cookies in your computer.
Access the privacy policy of Google
Google Maps  Various Some contents have embedded Google Maps’ maps. These maps can store cookies in your computer.
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Google Analytics _utma
These cookies are used to collect data about the users who visit a website. We use, via Google Analytics, this data to make reports and to help us improve the websites. These cookies collect the data anonymously, including the number of visits to the websites, the location of the visitor, the pages that they previously visited, etc.
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In general, the Website can be consulted without the need to reveal all your personal data.


Use of personal data

The personal data collected is used exclusively by the Website for the purposes stated above.


Statistical Analysis

The IP addresses of every connection to the Website are recorded. The MFA will track, in an aggregate and anonymous way, all the statistical data related to the use of the Website. The data used to these purposes do not contain personal identifying information or private information.

The analyses made from the aggregated statistical data are carried out to interpret the usage patterns of the Website and to continuously improve the service standards and the user satisfaction. The aggregated statistical data resulting for the analyses made can be disclosed to a third party or publicly.


Communication encryption

In order to ensure the privacy of the institutions and citizens who consult the Website, all the communications (webpages and email) between the Website and the user will be encrypted.


Other services and features

Any other services that can appear later and require the input of personal data and/or data from the respective entities will be covered by the privacy and security policy stated in this document.


Changes to the privacy policy

Any change regarding the privacy policy will be published in this webpage.

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